STEMIE Advantages Ltd is a non-profit organisation in Singapore running invention education programmes for children and youth. One of our main events every year is hosting the annual Pratt & Whitney Invention Convention Singapore. Each year more than 100 qualified students from ages 5 up to 19 with more than 80 prototypes showcase their inventions to families, educators and judges. Trainers from STEMIE Advantages conduct the Invention Sprint, an introductory design thinking program, as well as prepare students who wish to participate in our annual showcase, the Singapore Invention Convention, held in November 2022. Winners of the Singapore Invention Convention are invited to participate in Global Invention Conventions around the world.

Thank you and congratulations to all the participants of the 4th Pratt & Whitney Singapore Invention Convention!

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SINGAPORE, 14 OCT 2022. STEMIE Advantages was selected by Pratt & Whitney and the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) as a winner of the first-ever Pratt & Whitney Global E-STEM Awards.

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