Ever had an encounter with a Lost Einstein? Chances are, you have.

“Lost Einsteins” are individuals who would have had highly impactful innovations had they been introduced to invention in their childhood and given a platform to pursue their innovative ideas. As recorded by MIT, a study found that inequality has cost the U.S. millions of missed inventors, with the tremendous decline in innovation slowing economic growth since the 1970s.

The opportunity gap exists in Singapore too. STEMIE Advantages was founded in 2021 to equip students from underrepresented communities with STEM and innovation skills. STEM-related enrichment is highly-priced, an elective for “those who can afford it”. Such enrichment is often designed for those who are capable according to the rigid abilities-banding testing system that has been acknowledged to be more favourable to those academically inclined. Support for females in STEM, while increasingly available, are usually found at the post-secondary level, neglecting students during their formative ages.

We believe that every student has potential to become a problem-solver and champion innovation and change. And every student should get to be one — regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, or way of learning

The STEMIE Advantages board of advisors brings together highly experienced individuals with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Their combined skills and leadership provide strategic guidance, steering the organisation towards achieving our goals.

Prof Jake Mendelssohn

Founder, G.I.F.T

Susan Mostowy

Invention Educator (retired)

Dr Daniel Tan

Dr. Daniel Tan

Retired Prof NTU (CELT) Australia/Singapore

Dr. Chia Chien-Wei

Founder, Inventivemindset.com; WinGenNio

Angela Yang

PED Director, PAP Community Foundation

Alvin Goh

Co-Founder of F&B | Social Enterprise

Driving our efforts is a team of vibrant, innovative, and fun-loving volunteers. We believe that students can invent and apply their knowledge to identify and solve real-world problems. 

Nancy Soon

Founder & STEMIE Trainer

Neo Ee Ping

STEMIE Trainer

Amanda Ng

Marketing Communications & Project Manager

Peter Wong

Content Developer STEMIE Trainer

Jacqueline Phillips

STEMIE Trainer

Margaret Ow

Finance Admin