Day 5 – It’s a wrap!

Day 5
What Is The Problem, Anyway?

The 2nd Singapore Open Nationals Invention Convention wrapped up the online judging today!

2020 Invention Convention saw a huge growth in participation:

  • 135 students
  • 92 inventions
  • 4 countries
  • 63 international judges

Congratulations once again to our emerging inventors who stayed the course, gained new skills and met with many other young inventors and judges.

We look forward to see you again next year! Continue the invention journey, we like to hear from you.

The invention journey begins when the inventor clearly identifies a problem.  Su-Ann Mae Phillips shares her experience as a writer and mum to a 13-year old daughter.  

All stories have a problem, some more than one problem. 

  • Is the solution clearly in sight? 
  • Is the problem going to be solved just because you think you have an idea? 
  • What happens if the solution does not work?

Su-Ann recollects when she was 14, the problems rabbits faced in “The Watership Down“, a survival and adventure novel by English author Richard Adams.   She encouraged educators to use books to help emerging young inventors identify clearly problems found in stories.

Her message to young inventors is to carry on inventing and be like Thomas Edison who persisted, and  eventually created the light bulb.


What's next? 2021?

Stay tuned for the Awards Ceremony on December 4, 2020 at 10:30am. 

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