We invite you to be a judge at the 2021 Invention Convention Singapore Open Nationals!

Hello judges!

Click here to create an account on zFairs to sign up as a judge! Your role as a judge will be to guide young inventors on their journey. Judging will take place over the week of the virtual convention in 2 ways —

Live Judging will take place for Primary 3 to Post-Secondary inventors (9 – 19 years old) as part of the virtual convention. You’ll get to meet our inventors live on zoom, with each session lasting no more than 2 hours.

Online Judging will take place asynchronously for Kindergarten to Primary 2 inventors (5 – 8 years old). You’ll receive a range of submissions, each taking about 15 minutes to judge.

To get you started, we’re organising online training sessions for all judges on 13 and 17 November! This training is compulsory for all new judges. Please indicate which session you would prefer in your profile when registering.

Judges at 2019 Singapore Nationals

Check out these links to find out more about the judging rubrics!