The Global Youth Invention Summit, held in June 2024 at the University of Connecticut, was a remarkable gathering of young innovators from around the world. This prestigious event featured talented inventors from Singapore, Mexico, and China, fostering a spirit of international collaboration and creativity. Among the participants were six brilliant inventors from Singapore, showcasing their cutting-edge innovations alongside their global peers. 

The summit was conducted concurrently with the Connecticut Invention Convention, providing a dynamic platform for these young innovators to exchange ideas, gain inspiration, and contribute to a vibrant community of future leaders in science and technology.  Notably, every inventor from Singapore received an award at the Global Youth Invention Summit, highlighting the exceptional talent and innovation demonstrated by the Singaporean team.

In addition to their participation in the Global Youth Invention Summit, the students enjoyed two days of sightseeing, exploring some of the most iconic educational and cultural sites in the region. They visited Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), gaining inspiration from these renowned centers of learning and innovation. The itinerary also included a tour of the New England Air Museum, where they marveled at the history of aviation, and the Vintage Radio & Communications Museum of Connecticut, offering them a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of communication technologies. This enriching experience provided a perfect balance of education and exploration, enhancing their visit to the United States.

On the last day of the trip, the students had the unique opportunity to participate in a Hackathon with local Connecticut students at Trinity College. This event fostered a collaborative environment where young minds from different cultural backgrounds came together to tackle real-world problems through innovative solutions. Working in diverse teams, the participants exchanged ideas, shared skills, and developed projects that showcased their creativity and technical prowess. The Hackathon not only provided a challenging and stimulating experience but also helped to build lasting friendships and networks among the international and local students.